Friday, March 4, 2011

Toddler crafts - Week in Review

Happy Friday!  Our week was all about colors!  Hope you enjoy!

Pom pom rainbow
It's not your traditional ROYGBIV rainbow, but Sweet Girl picked out the colors.  After I drew the rainbow I used a marker to color in the different areas of the rainbow so Sweet Girl could match up the pom poms with the colors.

Marble painting
This was such a fun craft!  First, I taped a piece of paper inside of an old pizza box.  Then Sweet Girl rolled a large marble in a small cup of paint and put it in the pizza box.  Next we shook the box all around, dumped out the marble and started again with another color.  We said we were "shaking our wiggles out"!!

Fish aquarium
When I asked Sweet Girl what she wanted to make she said fish, so fish it was!!  She used a kitchen sponge to paint the fish the different colors.  Then we add some "sprinkles" to our fish and "put" them in our aquarium.

And here are our alphabet crafts for this week:

Alphabet cookie cutter painting
We used our A, B, C, D cookie cutters to stamp our paper.

Alphabet magic pictures
I made up this craft to go along with our alphabet review this week.  First I wrote the alphabet letters on a piece of paper using a white crayon (if you do this one, make sure you bare down pretty hard so the wax from the crayon will be visible once you paint).  Then Sweet Girl painted the "blank paper" and watched the letters appear.  She was pretty quick with naming the letters once she saw them.  I was surprised since I didn't tell her the paper had letters on them.

FYI...For letters A and B we used watered down washable Crayola paint.  For letters C and D, we used the Do-a-Dot markers.  The markers seemed to work better.


  1. We're doing a rainbow week later this month and I will be doing your pompom rainbow and maybe the cookie cutter painting! So fun!

  2. How fun! I love that rainbow. My older one is all about rainbows right now.

  3. Just found your blog, and appreciate all the ideas! I'll be trying some, and added myself as a follower. :)

  4. Love the magic letters. Great idea!


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