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10 Fun Learning Games Using Plastic Eggs

Here are some egg-celent learning games to play with your child!!

Hide-n-seek puzzles
We used this game for our letter E activities a few weeks ago and Sweet Girl really enjoyed it.  All you do is print off some pictures, cut them in half and place one half in an egg and the other half in a different egg.  This is a great activity for language development since you can talk about the object once your little one finds the matching pieces.   For Sweet Girl, I used all objects that began with the letter E sound to reinforce our letter/sound of the week.

Egg counting
I picked up some stickers at the dollar store and put the numbers 1,2,3 on the eggs.  You can have your little one count and add just about anything to the eggs (pom poms, pasta, paper, stickers, erasers...).  This activity also works on fine motor skills since they have to open/close the eggs.

Capital and lowercase letter matching
For this one, place the capital letter on one half of the egg and the lowercase letter on the other half.  Then mix up all the pieces and have your little one match up the capital and lowercase letters.  This can also be used with all capital letters or all lowercase letters to work on letter recognition.

Egg word scramble
This is an activity for older children who are working on spelling.  All you need is some alphabet letters and either matching objects or pictures.  Place both the letters and the object in the same egg.  Explain to your child that each egg contains an object (or picture) and the letters that spell that object.  Then have them open the egg and see if they can spell the word.

Object matching
For a simple task, have your little one open all the eggs and then find the matching pairs.  For older children or to make it a little more challenging, place all the eggs in an empty egg carton and play a little memory game. 

Egg memory game
This one is somewhat similar to the activity above.  Instead of playing a memory game where you try to find matching pairs, show your little one all the objects in the eggs and then place the tops on them.  Then ask your child, "Where is the pig?".  To make it easier just do one row at a time.

Sound eggs
Add a variety of things to your eggs (marbles, rice, bells, etc), super glue your eggs together and then have your child try to find two matching sounds. 

Emotional eggs
Use a marker to draw different faces on your eggs then separate your eggs.  Either tell a short story or talk about an emotion and have your little one try to make the correct face (ie. "When Susie went to the store with her mom she got a balloon.  How do you think Susie felt?").  For older children you can have them draw the faces on the eggs themselves.

Egg color matching
Super simple!!  Just separate your eggs and have your little one put them back together.

Rotten egg game
You can play this game two different ways.  For working on same/different, you can place like objects in all of the eggs except one.  Then add a different object to the remaining egg.  Have your child open the eggs and find which one doesn't belong or is different.  To work on turn taking, you can put a variety of objects in all of the eggs except one (leave this one empty...that's the rotten egg).  Then take turns opening eggs until someone gets the "rotten egg".

What about you??? 
Do you have any other learning games you do with your plastic eggs?  Please share!!

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  1. How fun!!! Oh my gosh, we have these eggs ALL OVER my house right now! That's what I get for digging out the Easter stuff early.

    OH!!!! I gave you an award! Check out my blog to claim it! :) You totally deserve it!

  2. Fantastic Idea! I'm totally stealing this:):) I will be sure to link back:)
    ~Jada Roo Can Do~

  3. These are great ideas! I'm going to try out the letter matching one.

    We use ours to teach about the Resurrection:

  4. Love all of your ideas! Found you through Leptir's FB page and am linking your ideas on my blog.



  5. love your ideas! so glad I found your blog! I will be trying the letter matching idea when I do our Easter theme (will link back to you when I post about it!) Did you use alphabet stickers?

    I have tons of at home activities on my blog as well if you care to stop by!


  6. Thanks everyone for the super sweet comments!! @Bernadette...yes, I used black alphabet stickers from a pack I picked up at Michaels! :)

  7. What wonderful egg activities! I am hoping to do the sound eggs and the memory game with my son. Found you through Elle Belle's Bows.

  8. great ideas, thanks! We've just been hiding our eggs for days now and need something else to do . . .

  9. Very cute! I will be borrowing some of these ideas for sure!

  10. WOW! Love it! Can't wait to do these next week!

  11. Check out my Easter Egg Counting Game at A Mama's Two Cents Worth... and there are a few other games with printables as well.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  12. Love the picture matching!! Doing that with letter T pictures when the kiddos wake up, thanks for sharing!!

    Angie @

  13. A bunch of "egg"cellent ideas! Great to have them all in one place!

  14. Oh my these are SUCH great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  15. LOVE these ideas! I never know what to do with all of the leftover plastic eggs after Easter, but the kids love them. Now i know to keep them and play some games! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. GREAT ideas! I have a post on learning with Easter eggs too. Check it out:

  17. Such great ideas! I'm definitely bookmarking this!

  18. Love These Ideas!! I am going to share them with my FB peeps! Here is my link:
    Pop over sometime and say Hi! :)

  19. These are great ideas! I think im gonna run to the dollar store tomorrow to buy a bunch of plastic eggs!

  20. Awesome ideas and fun too.. thanks for sharing!


  21. Awesome ideas!!! I am featuring this post in the next For the Kids Friday Link Party!! Be sure to stop by for an A++ button!!

    Thanks for linking this project up with For the Kids Fridays!

    :) rachel at

  22. Those are all super cute. I made word family eggs a couple of years ago:

  23. Love, love, love it all! Can't wait to go fill our eggs! Thanks for the great ideas! Our trio will have a blast!

  24. Thanks for this post..I am your new follower!

  25. Just found you and absolutely love these ideas!!

    Thank you for sharing!


  26. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for the inspiration, I made a set of the letter matching game eggs today! I also came up with my own idea, a Easter countdown calendar made with the eggs. You can check it out on my blog here:

    Have a great day!

  27. Awesome idea!! Thanks for posting. I'm now a blog follower! :)

  28. Hello ! I am your newest follower love your blog!! Hope you will stop by mine!

  29. I love these ideas!! I'm wondering where you got those wonderful small red letters? Thanks for the great post, love your blog!

  30. @Becca ...I got our abc letters at Lakeshore Learning. They are the abc lacing letters.

  31. Hi stephanie looking really awesome and nice message oriented blog.

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  33. These are wonderful. I love the rotten egg game!

  34. I love your ideas! Especially the numbers and word scramble. We just re-used our plastic eggs for musical sound shakers. Video and how to DIY over here:

  35. Thank you so much for these ideas, I was just wondering what I was going to do with all those plastic eggs. I love the sound matching game.
    My little one "made up" her own game of choosing a colour egg and then hunting around the house for anything in the same colour to hide inside the egg.

  36. How fun! So much more use than just hiding candy!

  37. I wanted to use the sound egg idea for a project and make some alterations to it. how could i make the game appropriate for cognitive development and maybe add more to it to make the game last a little longer? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!


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