Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun - Our Mud Pie Kitchen

One of the super cool things on our Summer Fun List is to make a mud pie kitchen!  

We were all really excited about this one!  And the kids have had a blast making mud pies, food for the doggies, flower soup, etc.

We have a little shady spot in our backyard and it's the perfect spot to play when it's hot and sunny out.

Our mud pie kitchen is essentially an old nightstand.  It was pretty beat up and I didn't do anything to it other than add a few "fun" kitchen things for the kids.

The top of the kitchen has two "stove eyes" made from cork trivets, a cutting board and a timer.  I also pulled our little wagon out beside the kitchen and filled up a large Tupperware container with water to act as our "sink".

On the back, I attached a towel rack and some of our play kitchen toys.

The dollar store has some perfect pots and pans for our kitchen!

Nothing like playing in the dirt!

Off to cook!!

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