Friday, June 22, 2012

Invitations to Play - Week Wrap Up

Nothing too fabulous about our invitations to play this week, but the kids sure enjoyed them!  We spent a lot of time outside early in the week since it was so nice and then some time at the pool once it got too hot to do anything outdoors other than swim!

Here's how we spent some "down time".  

I must say that beans and rice are a huge hit in our house.  Basically anything that can be poured, dumped or pushed around is super fun for my one and three year old.  

If you've never tried playing with dried beans, pasta or rice, I highly recommend giving it a try!  Your kids will thank you!  Some tips, though, for your first timers...

1. Start with a larger dried bean or colored pasta (they are much easier to pick up than rice)
2. Place a large blanket, shower curtain liner or something under your container to help with clean up
3. Set some ground rules with your kids.  Mine know that the beans stay either in the container or on the blanket.  And that there is absolutely no throwing, slinging, etc.  We've had a couple of warnings, but no real issues in this department.
4. Be sure to monitor your kids while playing to make sure they don't "taste" any.
5. Offer lots of cups, bowls, spoons, shovels, trucks, etc.
6. Get in on the fun too!  It really is quite relaxing to run your fingers through beans and rice!

To find out more about the idea behind Invitations to Play, visit The Imagination Tree.
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  1. I love your ideas. I especially like using the toy trucks to scoop and move things. So fun.


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