Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun - Cool Bird Feeders

I really enjoy making bird feeders.  We have made lots and lots and lots of them, and the birds just keep coming back so we keep making them.

This is an activity that is on our Summer Fun List.

The bird feeders were super easy to make and literally make a hardened "birdseed cake" that can be hung from a tree.  It was definitely less messy than our typical bird feeder adventures!

The complete tutorial and directions can be found at eighteen 25

Basically you just need a few cookie cutters or mason jar lids.

Then you mix your birdseed with a packet of gelatin on the stove.  Once it's cooled down, pat the birdseed mixture into your cookie cutter or lid.

After you fill your cookie cutter up half of the way, add your knotted string and then fill up the cookie cutter the rest of the way.

Let them dry overnight.
I turned ours over before I went to bed.

Pop out the bird feeders in the morning and hang from your tree!

So cool and so fun!

Happy summer!!

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  1. Those look really fun. I like that you can do the different shapes.


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