Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Bird Feeders

We are big fans of homemade bird feeders at our house!  For Easter we decided to make a few to hang out for all those little birdies.  You can make one too!  Here's how...

Supplies needed:
Plastic eggs
Shortening, peanut butter or icing
Bird seed

Start by threading your string through the hole in your plastic egg.  Tie a knot at one end to keep the string from coming through the hole.  Then tie a know at the other end.  Pull all the string into the egg so you can add the shortening/peanut butter without it coating the string.

Coat your plastic egg in your shortening, peanut butter or icing.

Then roll your egg in the bird seed.

Once your egg is fully coated, pull out the string and head outside!

Even handsome hubbies liked this craft!

Happy Easter!


  1. OH! This is great. I was just online looking for an "egg" alternative and I thought about this exact idea, but I was not sure how to pull it off. Then you posted these directions. Thanks and God Bless you on this Good Friday.

  2. Very cute! We have made pinecone feeders many times, but never this! My "No Time for Flashcards" post is a look at our week of playschool--


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