Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddler Art: Painting with Easter Eggs

Sweet Girl went with me today to get some plastic eggs for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt this weekend... and as soon as we got home she said she wanted to paint with them.  Hummm...I thought!  How would we do that??

Then I remembered that the plastic eggs all have those little holes on either one or both side, so I thought maybe we could put paint inside them and then paint.

Sweet Girl picked out her eggs and paint colors and we got started right away!

Supplies needed:
Plastic eggs (with holes on at least one side)
Small cups
A box of some sort

Start by lining your box with your paper.  Then add some of your paint to a cup and thin it out a little with a few drops of water.  Next, pour your paint into your eggs.  Be sure to do this over your box because some of the paint will likely leak out through the holes.

Have your little one shake away and paint all over the paper.

It started out really pretty with all the different blobs and splatters of paint.

Then she decided that she wanted to paint WITH the eggs by shaking them around in the box.

Which got a little messier, but was a lot more fun for her!!

Here's what the splatters look like (you know, before you smear everything together with the eggs).

And be sure to let your little one clean up after themselves.  This was probably Sweet Girl's favorite part.  I'm pretty sure this is the only reason she kept asking to do it again and again!!


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