Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Contact Paper Fun

This is a super fun idea that will keep your kids busy for hours and days!!  

I put up this contact paper "frame" one morning before the kids got up and stuck on some of our foam shapes.  As soon as they walked downstairs and saw it, they smiled, laughed and immediately starting taking the foam shapes on and off.  Both my kiddos (3 years and 17 months) played with this for hours on the first day.  The contact paper is great for sensory play.  The foam shapes easily stuck to the paper, but were also easy to remove and re-stick.

Lots of sorting....

The next morning, I decided to switch out our foam shapes for some foam sea animals we have.   Again....they both were so excited to see the sea creatures and jumped right in and played away for a while.

Sweet Girl would sort them by animal and Little Man would knock them all off for her to do again.

And then next came the letters.....
Sweet Girl really enjoyed these and we practiced spelling our names and some simple words.  I only put up about 10 or so, so not to overwhelm her with choices.

Contact paper is super fun!!  And also mess free...my favorite!

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  1. Love this! I've taped contact paper on the wall for collage before. This would be fun too!

  2. I did this at work yesterday after seeing this post & it was a HUGE hit! I had to do a second one because even the little ones that can't even walk yet, but can pull themselves up wanted to get in on the fun. Love it! Thanks for the awesome idea!!!


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