Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Play a Game! (Printable included)

Sweet Girl is just starting to understand the concept of games (rules and turn taking and the such) so I created a little game for us to play.  It's really simple, but lots of fun and I'd thought I'd share with you all.

Here are all the game pieces!!

Basically, Sweet Girl and I take turn rolling the dice to see what color we get.  Then, we get to pick out our teddy bear and place it on the mat.  We have these teddy bear counters so we use the big and little ones to correspond with our circles.  Oh...and I made our dice using colored stickers and a blank dice (I found mine at the dollar store, but you can get them here for $0.25+shipping. 

The one who fills in the last circle wins!! 

I love that the game touches on so many different skill areas....turn taking, attention/concentration, color recognition, matching, big vs. little.

Wanna play too? 
Just click here to print out your own mats.  I recommend cutting out and laminating your mats for durability.  And if you don't have colored counters....just print out two copies of the mats, cut out all the circles of one set of mats and use those as your "game pieces". 

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I can't wait till my stepson is old enough to understand games like this. But I refuse to play without the adorable teddy bear counters.:)

  2. I completely agree!!!! The bears are adorable, aren't they!!! And we use them for lots of activities so at least it's not a toy that only gets used one time!!

  3. Great idea, I'm sharing this with my neighbor.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great idea and printable. I have the bear counters in my preschool classroom & I think that my students will love playing this little game.

  5. I found you through 1+1+1=1 and I love your blog! You have great ideas!

  6. Awww.. I love those little bears. What a fun idea for the little ones!!!

    Thanks for linking this project up with For the Kids Fridays! I appreciate you stopping by, and hope to have you back for this week’s party! I’ll be posting it later tonight.

    :) rachel at

  7. Thanks for the printable and idea. My toddler and I have been playing a more basic and much larger version using a Twister mat and colored toys.


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