Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC Fun - Letter H

H is for.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

That's right!!  Today is Sweet Girl's 2nd birthday!!  What a perfect week for letter H!!

Alphabet Sensory Bin
This is our sensory bin for the letter H.  It contains:  capital H's, a horn, a hamburger, two hippos, a bunch of heart buttons, heart eraser and a horse.

H is
I saw this idea over at I Can Teach My Child and thought it would be great for our letter H week.  It was sooooo simple to make and is such a great learning tool.  The door and windows lift and underneath is a picture that begins with the letter H sound (the hearts are pictured on the right side). 

Build an H
For this activity, Sweet Girl will use the different "sticks" to build a letter H.  The "sticks" are popsicle sticks, cocktail stirrers and pieces of paper.

What do you hear?
I printed out the sheet above with different pictures of things that begin with the letter H.  Then I found sound clips of all the different objects.  I plan on giving Sweet Girl the pictures, playing the sounds for her and having her guess which one it is.  We haven't tried any listening skills games yet, but I think it will be fun!

And of course, there will be LOTS of "Happy Birthday" singing to Sweet Girl today!!!

Check back on Friday to see our letter H crafts!!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to your gal!

    Great activities! Love the What do you hear?

    Thanks for sharing!


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