Friday, July 29, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity

I'll admit it.....I think I need a PIN-TERVENTION!!  Is anyone else completely and utterly addicted to Pinterest?  I am!!  I have it on my computer, but I also have it on my iPad which I LOOOOOOOVE.  There are so many neat things on there!!  I just can't stop!  (Which is probably one reason why my blog posts seem a little less frequent....told you I needed an intervention!).

Anyhoo....I came across this fabulous activity for the book ChicKa Chicka Boom Boom over at I Heart Crafty Things.  We love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Sweet Girl giggles everytime we see the band-aid on letter "f" so I knew this would be a hit!!  Like all of our activities, it was super simple to put together! 

All you need is a cookie sheet, some construction paper for making a coconut tree and some lowercase letters.

This is a great activity because it uses lowercase letters.  First, we put the letters in alphabetical order.  Then I would read the book and Sweet Girl would find the letters and "walk" them up the coconut tree.  Once the letters were ready to "fall", we shook the board and letters went everywhere!!!  It's a fun little activity and we've done it multiple times this week!! 


  1. I've had that book committed to memory since I taught first grade ten years ago!

    Great project. I'm "pinning"

  2. Ha Nicolette! Thanks for the pin! I'm following you now! So addictive!

  3. After reading that you were addicted I took the plunge and started pinning too. so fun! =)

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  5. this is so fun! I have to admit I have kept away from pinterest for fear of becoming addicted. I know I would - no doubt in my mind. My resistance is weakening though as I keep reading posts like this, haha!

    I would love to invite you to share on my weekly child centered linky party - The Sunday Showcase -


  6. I'm so addicted to Pinterest too... it's so much fun and I'm finding so many great ideas!

    I love your blog... I have it in my Reader and have read it all the way back to the beginning. I'm getting lots of great ideas for my 2-yr-old!!

  7. love it! this will save some space and put our cookie sheet with letters to better use than letting littlest brother eat them! thanks!


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