Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tot Trays

It seems like summer is just flying by, doesn't it??  We've had lots of fun hanging out at the pool, visiting with family and checking off things from our Summer Fun List!! 

I've been a little lax when it comes to setting out tot trays....mainly because we always seem to be on the go and also because Little Man is crawling alllllllllllllllllllllllllll over the place!!  And he gets into everything!!  I definitely don't remember Sweet Girl being like that, but it's likely because I was able to stay on top of what was on the floor. 

Anyhoo.....I decided to finally throw together some trays (or "plates" as they are called in our house!!).  Sweet Girl has been asking for some for a while and I think she missed having little activities to do!!  My plan is to try to re-incorporate trays into our weekly routine (as long as I can find a safe place to keep them away from Little Man!!). All of these trays she can do on her own, so that makes for some nice independent play time!!

Here are our trays for this week!!

Pouring marbles

Sorting animals by color

Matching transportation counters

Open and close activity
(This is from a great Time for Tots set I got months ago!!)

Tonging pom poms

For those of you have little crawlers/walkers, how do you keep your tot trays out of reach???

Tot School


  1. We keeo our trays in a drawer.

  2. We have one of these play yards:


    This is the special tot tray spot for my 23 month old. He's happy to go in there and have some alone time away from his 9 month old sister.


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