Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July Party

We had a fabulous Fourth of July party this year!  I had a blast making all the party decorations and planning the menu.  I swear I want to be a party planner in my next life!

Here are a few photos of our fun day!  Be sure to check out the links for some Fourth of July freebies!!

Our candy bar (cupcakes, cake balls and a pie were on the other end)
Printables are from here and here.

Hot dog bar
If you are having a summer party, I highly recommend a hot dog themed party.  I was a little worried about how well the hot dogs would go over, but it was fantastic.  In each of the frames, I printed out different toppings for different types of hot dogs.  Everyone loved creating their own "dog".  The favorite of the night was the D.C. Monumental Dog which had onions, banana peppers, red peppers, pickles and mayo.  Click here for these printables, as well as other fun hot dog party ideas and printables!!
I also included little cups of potato salad and veggies with dip for easy pick up and go party foods.

Flags and ribbon decorated our silverware buckets

A star stamped banner greeted our guests.
I got the idea from here, but I made a star stamp rather than using starfruit.

My $5 flag from the craft store.  Yay!  I love a bargin!

And of course, balloons galore!  What's a party without balloons.

The little guests received blue favor bags with star necklaces and bracelets, as well as a small flag to wave!

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  1. Looks like it was a fun party..next time be sure to invite us ;

  2. Oh how fun! I'm so excited you threw me a birthday party! One problem...you forgot to invite me. ;) What a great party!


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