Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lollipop Craft for Toddlers

We've done lots of arts and crafts this summer, but I keep forgetting to pull out my camera!!  Here is a fun craft that we did where I actually did have my camera handy.

It's really simple and Sweet Girl enjoyed it because she got to use her two favorites....glue and glitter!

First...grab your supplies.  You'll need two pieces of colored cardstock, a bowl, glue, glitter, tape and some straws.

Use your bowl to draw circles on your paper.

Then have your kiddo add glue until their heart is content (or your run out...whichever comes first).

Then, hand over the glitter and let them shake away.  I usually cover all but 2-3 of the holes in the glitter container with tape to try to control the amount that comes out.  Sweet Girl puts a little wrist action into her shaking and the glitter usually ends up everywhere!!  (TIP...use playdough to pick up your glitter pieces from floors and counters!!)

Once the glue is dry, cut out your circles and tape on a straw.


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