Friday, July 1, 2011

Toddler Approved Art Supplies

We love doing everything "artsy-craftsy" at our house!  We typically do some sort of art or craft almost everyday!  I love how art allows Sweet Girl the opportunity just to explore the different materials and to "make" whatever she wants!!  One of my all time favorite toddler art books is Mary Ann Kohl's First Art.  I try to incorporate her quote "It's the Process, Not the Product" into our art experiences.

Here are our ten favorite art supplies!!  All toddler approved!!

These fun little crayons are probably our favorite art supply at the moment!!  They are thick enough for little fingers to hold.  They don't break.  And they mark soooo smoothly!!  The only downside is that they are a little on the pricey side for toddlers (but I still think they are worth the money!!).

2. Tempura paint 
You just have to have tempura paint if you have a toddler!  We use the Colorations washable tempuras from Discount School Supply.  For finger painting, I add liquid soap to our tempura paint for easier cleanup!!

Like the Crayola Slick Sticks, these are also chunky and allow little fingers to hold them with ease. 

4. Sidewalk chalk 
We have a large bucket of chalk in our garage that gets pulled out almost every time we play outside. 

Our watercolor paints are from Discount School Supply.  I usually diluate the watercolor paints so the bottles last quite a while!!

6. Do-A-Dot Markers
We use these when Sweet Girl wants to paint, but I don't want to clean up a big mess.  They are perfect for little hands.
7. Sticky tape and white glue
Sweet Girl loves this little dispenser of tape because she can do it all by herself!  And what toddler doesn't love glue?
8. Stickers 
We use all kinds of stickers for simple collages.  I pick up most of my stickers at the dollar store, dollar section at Target or the craft store. 

9. Art Easel 
Sweet Girl uses our art easel almost every day!!  I love how it has a dry erase board, chalk board and a roll of paper.  I frequently move our art easel throughout the house to keep it "new" to Sweet Girl.  Jean from The Artful Parent wrote a great entry about encouraging continued interest in your child's art easel.

10. Household odds and ends
You know...toliet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, bubble wrap, styrofoam, cardboard.

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