Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ABC Fun - Letter L

We're up to letter L now!!  We are going to finish up with letters I,J,K,L review next week and then we are planning on taking a little "tot school" break during the summer!!  The pool is calling our names!!  I still have lots of fun stuff planned for us though...just not as much planning and organizing on my part!  (Momma needs a summer break too!!)

Alphabet Sensory Bin
Here's our letter L sensory bin for this week!! 

Ladybug magnet page
This is from COAH.  Sweet Girl always enjoys using the magnets.  I just tape the laminated sheet to an old cookie sheet and set the magnets out with it!  This is usually completed several times during each week.

Letter L picture matching
We did something similar to this during our letter J week and Sweet Girl really enjoyed it!  She completed the letter J picture matching independently so I will just leave this one out for her to complete on her own.  I love finding things that she can accomplish all my herself.
(Click here if you want to download your own copy)

Ladybug counting cards
And to finish up our letter L week, I plan on pulling out our ladybug counting cards!  Sweet Girl loves these and we haven't played with them in a while! 
(Click here if you want to download your own copy)

Tot School

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