Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ladybug Counting (Printable)

Thought some of you might like to have these cute ladybug counting cards.  We are using these to work on number recognition and counting. 

This is how we have been using them so far!

Here, I just laid the cards out in numerical order and have Sweet Girl walk or jump on them in ascending order (1-10) and then descending order (10-1).

I also sometimes lay out just a few numbers and call out a number for her to jump on.

In this picture, Sweet Girl is counting the dots on the ladybug.

And my thought was that we could eventually get to where she put the numbers in order but she surprised me was able to do it all by herself!  Look at that concentration!!  The numbers were getting all mixed up as she was jumping on them so she stopped and put them back in order!!  I was shocked!

If you want to join in the counting fun, just click here to download the file.  Enjoy and happy counting!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Love them!


  2. So CUTE!! I love your ideas and your blog is adorable!! New follower:)

  3. Love these! Thanks for sharing. Just shared link on fb and twitter

  4. This is so cute! I'm going to cut the cards apart and have my kinders match the ladybug dots with the correct number. Thanks!

    Miss Kindergarten

  5. Wanted to let you know that I started using these this week (downloaded them a long time ago). My kids (both 2.5) call it the Ladybug Game. I put them on the floor in numerical order and give them a handful of goldfish (or buttons, or whatever). They count the objects and then find the ladybug with the right number of spots. They love it and have asked me to play it every day since I introduced it. I will be including it in my blog post this week and will link back to you. Thanks for the great printable!

  6. Here's the link to my blog that includes this printable. Thanks again!


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