Friday, May 6, 2011

Toddler crafts - Week in Review

Happy Friday everyone!!  Here's a wrap-up of our crafts from this week.  We weren't as crafty as normal since the weather was nicer and we were able to play outdoors more!!

We had a lot of fun making this little castle!  And of course, it just had to pink!!  This is from No Time For Flashcards.  I cut out the pieces from sticky-back foam and Sweet Girl "assembled" her castle.

Princess wand
This was a craft we did several months ago, but it got pulled back out for this week's princess fun!  Click here to see the original post and how we made our wand.

Sweet Girl requested to make a spider so that's just what we did!!  I didn't have any paper plates handy so I just cut out my spider body from a piece of paper.  The legs are taped on the back side so it actually gives it a little "lift".  This is ALSO from No Time For Flashcards...can you tell I LOVE that site!!

J is for.....jellyfish
We are doing a beach/ocean theme next week, so these were perfect for our alphabet craft this week!!  Dada even got in on the fun and made one too!!  And guessed...this is from No Time for Flashcards.

This from the Now I Know My ABC's series over at Totally Tots.  They have super cute alphabet crafts.

What did you make this week???

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