Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready or not...

Sweet Girl had fun playing around with an empty tissue box today, so I decided to make up a couple of games for us to play!!  First, I had her decorate the box with her stickers (peeling stickers is a great fine motor activity).

Then I placed some of her little toys in the box and tried to play a little "tactile discrimation" game where she had to close her eyes, reach in and tell me what she felt, but that was a little too complicated for her.  (Mainly because she just wanted to look in the box!!)

So....instead we played hide and seek with the toys!  I would hide the toys all over our family room and then she would run around, find them and put them back in the box.  She absolutely LOVED this game!! We took turns hiding and finding the objects.  It was so cute because she would hide them in the same spots I had just hidden them and then look at me and say "Where all the toys, mommy?".

And again....Little Man just practiced being cute!!! Look at those cheeks!!

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  1. What a fun idea for a little one! I'm a new follower. Hope to have you follow my site as well!

    :)rachel at


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