Friday, January 28, 2011

Toddler crafts - Week in Review

We do LOTS of crafts in our house!!  Here's what we did this past week, as well as the books we used to go along with our crafts!!  Enjoy!

Paper plate Brown Bear
Sweet Girl loves teddy bears and requested we make a bear, so....we made a brown bear out of a paper plate and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See.

Footprint Penguin
This craft is from here!!!  We had so much fun painting Sweet Girl's feet!!!  We read Ten Playful Penguins afterwards!! 

I really enjoyed this one (I even made my own!!!).  Sweet Girl didn't love it as much as I did....she did it as fast as she could and jumped down to go play!! We read Snow Baby to go along with this craft. 

Hand print Stegosaurus
From No Time For Flashcards, which is an awesome site for kids crafts and activities!!!  This is my go-to site when I'm looking for new ideas!  Our book for this craft was Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton.

Snow globe snowman
Sweet Girl really loved this one because she got to use sparkles (glitter)!!!  We also read and sang with our musical  Frosty the Snowman book.

Did you do anything crafty this week????


  1. Hi Stephanie! I found your blog through the SE Baltimore City Kids group! Thanks for the link! I was wondering - what type of paints do you use for your crafts?


  2. I love the snowman globe too cute they actually are all really cute.

  3. These are fantastic! Thanks for the ideas :) Can't wait to try them out x

  4. We did the snowman snow globe with my class, but we used a ziploc bag so it we only had to worry about taping one side shut. Thanks for the craft idea!!!! My classroom loved it!


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