Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Activities and Valentine's Day goodies

I wanted to share several activities I am planning on using with our Tot Trays this week.  All you need is a printer and some of your toddler's toys!!!

Color matching
I printed off these Valentine Counting Cards on cardstock and laminated them to make them durable for little toddler paws.

Then I went on a hunt to find toys that coordinated with the hearts.

And I have a color matching game.

Or you could always pick up some of the large conversation hearts to use instead of the objects...and these are yummy!!  This bag is from the Dollar Tree (my FAVORITE store).

I also plan on using the heart cards for a mini-memory game with Sweet Girl.  We tried a full game of "Memory" the other day where you had to match pairs, but that was a little too involved for her.  Instead, I plan on showing her three different colored hearts, then turn them over and ask her "Where is the pink heart?".  I think she'll enjoy it!!

And last, but not is why I LOVE the Dollar Tree!!  I snagged some great goodies and plan on using them for our Valentine's Day activities next month!!

Heart magnets, heart boxes, pink coins and heart picks

Head on out to the Dollar Store, pick up some supplies and join us in the fun!!

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