Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy Day Fun

Don't you just love snowy days when you don't have to leave the house or take off your pjs? Sweet girl (a.k.a. my adorable 22 month old daughter) rarely takes off her Dora pajamas (yep...she has them on this picture!!) that her wonderful Aunt Brooke gave her for Christmas.

Here's a glimpse at what went down at our house today on this very snowy day!!!

Here Sweet Girl is sitting at her new table. Santa got her this for Christmas, but forgot to give us all the parts, so we couldn't put it together until now. Boy was she excited this morning....first thing she said was "Wow, my table", followed by a "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"!! She and Dora had lots of tea parties today and even Dada got invited to a party!! Too cute!

Sweet Girl sure does LOVE water!! She will stand in her Learning Tower and play for a hour non-stop!! She loves washing dishes, catching ice cubes and pouring water between two cups. She's actually pretty good at keeping all the water in the sink too, believe it or not.

Here are some of our tot trays for this week. (If you want to know more about Tot Trays visit 1+1+1=1 blog or The Shafer Family blog....both have great ideas, pictures, printables, etc...)Sweet Girl really enjoys our trays and I sure do love to see her working so hard.

Working on pouring beans

Working on those fine motor skills by putting mini animals in a pill box

Practicing counting beads (she'd much rather just play with the beads rather than count!!) Counting card printed from here.

Matching colored objects to the colored circles (thanks Time for Tots for this great activity!)

Dropping poker chips into plastic container (again, another great Time for Tots activity that Sweet Girl does over and over again!!)

Putting magnets on the snowman (snowman picture printed from here).

And what did Little Man do all day???? Well....he just practiced being cute!!

And that was most of our day....oh yeah, I left out the part where our power went out as we were putting Sweet Girl down for bed and we ended up sleeping over at our neighbors house!!

How did you spend your snowy day?


  1. Loved ALL your ideas that you've shown! Also, thanks for the links to the sites for the printables!


  2. Your blog is cute. I've got two at home myself and we try to keep busy. You should stop by and say hi over at my blog too!


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