Monday, January 21, 2013

Making snowmen...


It's been a while since you've seen me around, huh? 

Nothing new here....just staying busy with the kids....trying to unwind from the schedule of the holidays....and trying to enjoy the little moments.

Oh...and I started a new blog.  It's more about my addiction to paper crafts and Project Life and isn't so very "kid-craft-related" but check it out here if you are interested


We've been doing lots of crafts and activities; none have just made the blog yet!!

This little fun snowman craft came about because we got the slightest little bit of snow last week and my kids are craving more!  They really want to build a huge snowman, but we figured a pretend one was all we would be able to make on a 60 degree winter day.

We started out with some buttons, googly eyes, stickers and pipe cleaners to make our snowman.

Then we used white paint on blue paper to "stamp" circles as the shape of the snowman.  As you can see, Drew is a little more artistic with his interpretation of a snowman.  He was having fun, so we just roll with it!!  :)

Next we added our eyes (lots of eyes in Drew's case), buttons, arms (and legs too for Anna's) as well as some noses.

This is Anna's "snow girl" complete with hands, feet and bows in her hair.

Is this is Drew's snow-monster, I mean man!  

Art and crafts are always fun.  I always love to sit back and let them just create away!!

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