Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Christmas Advent Calendar

I've decided to do something new and fun for our advent this Christmas.  Last year we put small toys and a piece of candy in our advent calendar, but I thought it would be fun to make little packages for the kids to open each day of December.  We'll still have a piece or two of candy in our advent calendar house, but these little treat bags will hold an activity and some Christmas goodies.

The bags were so easy to make using some large paper bags that I receive from Studio Calico each month.  I was able to get six bags from each paper bag.  You could always use just a regular old brown paper lunch sack, which are really inexpensive and available at most any grocery store.

Each bag will contain an activity for us to do as a family.  Most of them are things that we do anyway during December.

After cutting out my bags, I used my sewing machine to stitch all around with red thread.  Then I stamped the numbers 1-25 on the corners of the bag.

And then the fun part came.....
I stuffed the bags full of goodies....our activity of the day, Christmas erasers (from the dollar store), Christmas stickers (I just cut several strips from a pack of stickers, some confetti, a few small ornaments and some Christmas jokes).

Anna helped me sew up the bags "without peeking", she said, and she's so excited for December to come!!  We all are!!


  1. Ooooh, what a fun advent calendar! The Christmas activity of the day is fantastic.

    I loved ours as a kid. It was a handmade felt Christmas tree wall hanging that had velcro on it. Each new day a new velcro back, felt ornament was in the wall hanging pockets and we could put it up wherever we wanted on the velcro tree.

    Ah, Christmas memories. Heheheee.

  2. these are darling! what fun for your family!

  3. I LOVE these bags. What a great idea with the activity strip!


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