Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Fall Family Tree

Drew and I painted leaves for our fall family tree one afternoon.  It turned out to be such a cute little project and the kids loved looking at all of our family.  It was pretty simple to complete too....you know my style...simple and easy.

Here's how to make one:

Start by painting some "fall colors" onto a piece of paper.  Just let your child paint away (unless you have an older child who could actually paint leaves freehand).

While your child is painting, cut out a tree with some branches.  Tape it up to the wall and then tape a piece of contact paper over the top with the sticky side out.  

After the painting has dried, cut out leaf shapes from the paper.  I think it's pretty cool how the colors are all mixed. 

Then print off some pictures of your family members, tape them onto the leaves and laminate the leaves.

Stick the leaves up on your tree and then play around.

My two really loved seeing all of our family!

Happy Fall!

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