Friday, October 26, 2012

Making Pumpkins: A Color Mixing Experiment

I love trying to incorporate some learning into craft activities and this one is perfect for preschoolers.  

We have done lots of color mixing activities, but I figured with Halloween right around the corner we could do some mixing to make some pumpkins.  Mess free pumpkins, that is!!

You only need a ziploc bag, some yellow and red paint and a marker if you want to give your pumpkin a pretty face!

Have your kiddo squeeze some yellow paint into a ziploc bag.  (I'm pretty sure the squeezing part was Anna's favorite!)

Then add some red paint.  And squish away.

Soon you'll see your orange "pumpkin" appear!  
After we mixed our colors to make orange, I handed Anna a sharpie marker to make her pumpkin face.

Simple, easy, but educational!  Love it!

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