Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter A: Fun with Apples

Last year, I introduced Anna to the letters of the alphabet using fun little methods and crafts.  Click here to be taken to all of our alphabet activities and crafts.

Since she is pretty familiar with each letter and it's sound, I am planning on going back through the alphabet, but am focusing on pre-writing and writing of each letter and the letter sound in the word (a- for apple).  

We are also making an alphabet book which I will share more of as we complete the pages.

Here's what we did for letter A...

I drew some random apple shapes on some paper and Anna colored them and I cut them out.  Then we worked on sorting by color...

And patterning...

And writing the uppercase and lowercase A/a.

We also did patterning by uppercase and lowercase letters, which was a little tricky since it wasn't always a red/green combination.

Then we made a large apple tree from a brown paper bag, colored it and added our apples to the apple tree!

The tree already has me craving Fall!!  

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  1. I love this activity! Kids can learn in a very fun and creative way!


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