Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Shapes Book

Can you guys tell that I love mini books???  

This is another little book I made mainly for my 20 month old son to take on our vacation trips, but my three year old has definitely enjoyed it as much, if not more than my son!!

All of the shape book printables are awesome and are from here.

Instead of using a binder, I just laminated my pages and used book binding rings (which can be found in the office section of Wal-mart for super cheap).

To keep all of the shapes together, I used a page protector I had on hand.  It's hard to tell in the photo below, but all the shapes fit nicely into the page protector and are easy enough for little hands to grab and pull out.

We love this book!  And like our Dress Up book, it's been a hit with car travel this summer!!


  1. We have this exact book and did the same thing with the binding! My little guy loves it as well.

  2. You have such fun ideas. The shape book reminds me of quite books, but I think this one is cheaper and easier to make, but very durable too. Wonderful idea! Loving your mini books! Bravo, creative momma!


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