Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beginners Word Book

And the books just keep on coming.....

This word book was completely inspired by Anna one afternoon.  

I obviously love to make mini books and have been on a little crafty spree lately making mini picture albums of our vacations and special events.  Anna decided she wanted to make her own book so I grabbed some craft supplies for her and let her lead this fun little task.

She picked out her cardstock papers and I cut them in half to have two pages per sheet.  Then using my sewing machine we sewed right down the middle to make a little book.

Using some letter stickers I had, Anna named different things she wanted to draw.  She helped me find the correct letters to spell out the words and then she drew her picture on the paper.  

Of course, Ariel just had to be in the book!!

Then she made some random faces in the book...

And drew her self portrait too.

We added the abc's on the back just because.


  1. I love the book you made together. How precious. What a great way to help her learn the ABC's. I love that you sewed the pages together to make a special and fun book.


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