Friday, August 31, 2012

Calendar of Activities: September

Here is what our calendar looks like for September.  As mentioned in the post about Our Fall Schedule, I am trying to be super prepared and organized when it comes to activities, crafts, baking, etc.

We always run smoother with some type of schedule.  

I don't have a "time" picked out to do these activities...we will just play each day by ear.  Some days we may not do the activity and some days we may do more than one.

Some of the things I will do with my daughter, Anna, while my son takes his afternoon nap (games, baking, etc...).

Anna is in preschool three days a week so I wanted to make sure we have lots of fun things planned for her when she gets home and while Drew naps.

I have included links to each of the activities (if I had one) so you can play along with us if you'd like.  To make it a little easier to read, I have listed the activities by the day of the week/type of activity (i.e. Monday's: Play dough).

Most all of the activities require very little materials, which I like.....and most are easy and fast to throw together!

Mondays: Play dough

Tuesdays: Baking
Sugar Cookies

Wednesdays: Painting

Thursdays: Craft
Cheerio Bracelet

Fridays: Games
Candy Land

I hope some of you will join along with us this Fall for our activities!  Drop me a note and let me know if you are playing along!  Everything is always more fun in a group, right??


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