Friday, June 10, 2011

Playdough Monsters

Sweet Girl and I made playdough monsters today and I just had to share!!  I saw the idea here and knew we just had to do this activity!!  We both had a great time making them!  I always love finding new things to do with our playdough collection!

All you need is some playdough, googly eyes and crafts sticks.

I just set them all out for Sweet Girl and told her we were going to make some monsters.  I flattened the playdough for her and then she made them "scary" (or so she said!).

Looks pretty scary to me!!

What's your child's favorite thing to do with playdough?

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  1. We like stamping different objects into playdough.
    I love this monster idea... may just try it this afternoon!

  2. Great idea. I showed my two this, and they wanted to try it straight away. Great way to use googly eyes too - and I guess you can use them again!


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