Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ice Cream Cones Craft for Kids

Cookies and ice cream in one week!  We definitely have a sweet tooth at our house!

Luckily, this little treat is just fun and calorie free!!

Supplies needed:
Shaving cream
Food coloring
Sprinkles or glitter (optional)
Construction paper

Start by mixing together some shaving cream, glue and a drop or two of your food coloring.  I just eyeballed the amount....but i was about half shaving cream and half glue.  Have your child mix that together while you cut out an ice cream cone and glue it onto a piece of construction paper.

Let your kiddo play with the cool shaving cream/glue mixture and have them add their "ice cream" to their cone.  (And the mixture is really cool, by the way!!)

If you have a sprinkle/glitter lover in your house too, hand them over and let them sprinkle away.  I'm pretty sure this was my daughter's favorite part.  She would sprinkle on a piece of paper if I would let her!

Invite the wee little ones over too for some fun.

And again, if you are daring, hand over the sprinkles!

Ice cream, anyone?

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