Friday, April 20, 2012

Washi Tape Fun

I love washi tape and I love using with all my crafts, but I usually never, ever let those sweet little fingers get at it!  Then, Jean at The Artful Parent mentioned how Discount School Supply now sells a variety pack, I couldn't wait to get some for us to play with!!  And it really is as fun as it looks!

The tape is pretty easy to tear and Sweet Girl had a lot of fun just tearing it off the roll.

She even made a self portrait (hmmm..she's missing an arm).

We also played around with building some letters.  I would made a letter using a few pieces of tape and then I would have her place her tape either over my letter or beside it to try to copy it.

Little Man kinda got in on the action, but he wasn't much of a fan of it because it tended just to stick to his  cute little fingers.

He did enjoy building towers with it, though...


  1. I don't do many paper arts, but these tapes are too cute. I think these are better than stickers for the kiddos. Thanks for sharing where you purchased them.

  2. I love the bright colors and prints of Washi Tape. What a fun way to just be creative with it! Thanks for sharing your idea on Show and Tell this week!


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