Monday, April 23, 2012

Tot Trays - Farm Theme

We are going with a farm theme for this months trays!!  We love going to farms, so hopefully we can plan a visit this month also!!

Farm animal matching

Counting pigs
I made up these counting dot cards similar to the ones used in Montessori activities.

Mommy and baby farm animal nomenclature cards
This is from Counting Coconuts.

This is a super fun stringing activity and both of my kids love it!  The pieces are great because they can each stand on their own so you can play with them as well.  Plus, the string is great because it has a long wooden piece to help you guide the string through the whole.  

Pouring milk
I'll add some water and a little bit of white paint and Sweet Girl will practice this in the kitchen.

Cutting practice

Writing and coloring farm book
I put together a simple little farm book with some words Sweet Girl can trace, as well as pictures to read/match to the words.  And there is extra space for simple coloring too.

Here's what the inside of the book looks like.


  1. These are all great activities! I really like the pouring milk and counting pigs activities! How fun! Visiting from Tot School :)


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