Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pasta Fun: 9 Ways to Extend Your Pasta Box

So you have this big ole box of colored pasta and your kiddos barely pay it any attention anymore.  Sound familiar?  Ours goes through stages, but I always try to think of new ways to keep it exciting and fun for my two.  

Here are 9 great ways to extend the use of your pasta!

1. Have a tea party!!
(Pretend to eat it...obviously)

(Drink your "tea")

(Have a pasta "snack")

2. Work on spooning and pouring
This is a great activity to work on control and fine motor abilities.  You can use large or small spoons, scoops, cups, etc.

3. Pasta sort by color
Gather up plates and cups that are corresponding colors and have a sorting party.  We do ours in "race style" where we see who can fill up a plate the fastest.

4. Find the error and correct it
This is always fun for little ones.  Little Man is almost 17 months and he is really into "things being in the right place".  

5. Pasta sorting and matching 
6. Pasta counting
For this activity, you can sort the pasta by color and/or shape.  To try to work on some simple counting skills, Sweet Girl and I will try to make sure all the rows have 10 pieces of pasta.

7. Stringing pasta
Make a fun pasta necklace using rigatoni pasta and a shoestring.

8. Pasta patterns
Add a little fun to your pasta stringing by creating patterns with your pasta!

9. Find the pasta game
This is probably Sweet Girl's favorite thing to do with the pasta.  Just grab three cups and hide a piece of pasta underneath one of the cups.  Then move the cups around a few times and have them guess which cup the pasta is under.  (FYI...this works better on either a hard floor or table).

What are some fun ways you play with your pasta?   I'd love to hear!!  

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  1. I love all of the different colors of the pasta, that definitely adds to the fun! Thanks for sharing :)


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