Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Pretend Farm - Sensory Bin and Additional Activities

Sweet Girl is having so much fun playing with our tot trays this month and actually created this sensory bin, pretend farm and corresponding activities by herself!  She just told me what to cut, where to put it, etc...

She is having lots of fun...making up stories about babies and mommies, birthday parties....all that good imaginary play!  And it's been a great learning experience.

Here's what is on our pretend farm and sensory bin:
Popcorn kernels
Barn (from our string a farm set)
Mini farm animals
Various pieces of felt cut up to be a pond, a mud puddle, grass, vegetables.
Several pieces of string (as hay for the horses)
Mini basket

The ducks in the pond.

The mommy pig and the piglets playing in the mud.

Planting a vegetable garden
Here I just grabbed an ice cube tray and cut up some pieces of felt to be our "vegetables".

She has literally spent hours playing with our farm set!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kara! These activities have kept my two busy for hours the past couple of days!

  2. Terrific ideas--I love the popcorn kernels!


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