Thursday, March 15, 2012

Squeeze Bottle Painting

One thing I love (and should do more often) is follow Sweet Girl's lead.  She told me exactly what she wanted to do for this fun little painting experiment.

To start, this is definintely not an activity for the obsessively clean person.  It did get a little messy, but for the most part it was okay.  Sweet Girl sure had fun!!

She spied this little squeeze bottles in our cabinets next to some of our paints and asked if she could paint with those.  Sure....why not??

Squeeze bottles (the red/yellow ones are from the dollar store; the other two were found in the baking section at our local craft store)

The paint was a little too thick to move around easily in the squeeze bottles so I added just a tiny bit of water to thin it out.

You can make fun little paint splatters once you squeeze most of the paint out.  This was pretty messy (think hair, face, arms, be careful.)

And you can mix and layer colors....

Or practice your letters..... That is only if your child can resist squeezing out all the paint at one time.

Or you can mix all the colors together...
How cool!! 
(Note...we used finger painting paper because it was little bit thicker than regular cardstock.  Our paint kind of pooled on the top and I had to carefully pick it up and throw it away.)

And then once you run out of paint, you can finger paint...

Have fun!

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