Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrating Three!

Happy birthday my sweet princess!!  I can't believe you are already three years old.  Where did the last three years go?  You bring so much joy, fun and laughter into all of our lives. 

All about you right now....
You love the colors pink and purple.
You love the Disney princesses, especially Ariel.
You play dress up all day long and usually change outfits three or four times each day.
You love to dance.
You love reading books.
You love to paint.
You love fruit snacks, pink doughnuts, cupcakes and ice cream.
You love playing games on the iPad.
You love to sing.
You talk non-stop all day long.
You don't take naps anymore and usually cry everytime we try to get you to have some rest time.
You tell every person you meet that you are going to Disney World.

We love you so much, my sweet girl!


  1. Happy birthday to our princess. Love, Poppy and Mimi

  2. Happy birthday. She is so beautiful. Visiting early on the One Little Word Blog hop.


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