Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Tot Trays for St. Patrick's Day

My little guy is growing so fast.  He is already 15 months and I swear it literally feels like he was born just yesterday.  Even the second time around, I am still amazed at how fast they learn and how much they enjoy learning.

Little Man sometimes plays around with some of our trays so I decided to put some together for him this month!  Boy were they a hit!!  He will literally sit and play with them for about 20 minutes.  He enjoys the fine motor activities the most so I tried to include several of those types of activities for him.

Here are his "trays" for this month...

Coin drop

Transportation counters
For this tray, we just play with the counters together.  While he plays with them I say things like, "oh...that's a red flies high up in the sky, like this", and "Look...there are two of these blue boats".  Basically the skill here is just to expose them to as much language as possible.

Dropping sticks in a container
(Note...I ended up punching a hole in this container because he really wanted to drop them through the lid.  I don't think it was very interesting to just drop them in without the I originally intended.)

Pick up sticks and a sugar shaker
This is his favorite little activity of all the trays.  He is so cute as he tries to carefully to place the sticks in the sugar container.

1:1 correspondence
I had included this tray with Sweet Girl's originally, but both of my kiddos loved this one.  I was really surprised at how insistent Little Man was at using the tongs.  As he tries to pick them up, I usually help him and then guide his hand to the muffin tin.

Here are some action shots...




Tomorrow I will be posting Sweet Girl's trays....stay tuned!


  1. I love all these activities. Thanks for sharing

  2. great trays, can't believe i haven't found your blog before now.


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