Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Tot Trays

Sweet Girl and I finally pulled out all our Valentine's Day stuff.  She had lots of fun looking through all our things and I really enjoyed having her help me make our trays.  These are the trays she requested.

Uppercase and lowercase heart matching
This is from a Time for Tots set from last year.

Attaching heart close pins to a heart bowl

Heart color matching

Heart counting and placing the appropriate number inside each heart container

Letter writing and a mailbox
For this activity, I just wrote out some words for her to trace and then place in the mailbox.


  1. we have been enjoying our valentines activities this week too. such a fun time of year. love your ideas! thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks Pippa! I loved the little bowls you made!! :)

  2. How old is your daughter? I've been wanting to do Tot Trays with my daughter but don't know if it's a good time yet. She's 2.5 yrs but delayed to about 14 months old.

    1. daughter is almost three, but we have been using the trays for over a year. I have just started making some trays for my son, who is 15 months old, so I think the trays are easily customizable to your daughter's age. Let me know if you have any questions or need any suggestions!! :)


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