Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbye January, Hello February!

I can't believe January has already come and gone.  In addition to my personal goals for this year, I am also trying to set some monthly "objectives" for myself.  I love, love, love having a list of creative things to do and feel sort of lost if I don't have anything on my plate.  But I'm not locking myself into anything nor will I force myself to do something if I'm just not feeling it. 

My January "to-do" list consisted of:

Organizing our art supplies

Re-learning how to knit

I managed to check everything off my list.  Yay me!!

And here is my February list...
Knit a blanket...this will likely take me FOREVER to finish
Bake two loaves of bread (Cinnamon Pull ApartRosemary Olive Oil)
Make some sort of picture wall in our craft room (maybe this..)
Complete an indoor triathlon

So, here's to February!!

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