Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tot Trays Are Back!!

We've missed our tot trays around here!!!  They have definitely been missed.  Sweet Girl still asks for them, but I haven't been able to figure out the best way to keep them accessible to her, but away from Mr. "I like to eat everything".  Now that my little guy is on a more predictable sleeping schedule I have decided to bring those good ole trays back out for Sweet Girl to play with while he naps.  For now, I am keeping the trays in our guest bedroom closet (which also has slowly been transformed into my craft room).  During his nap time, we usually go up and she can play with the trays while I do some of my crafts.

It's working for us so far!  I'm hoping to keep up with the trays because Sweet Girl sure does enjoy them!

Here are our trays for this week!
Coin drop

Open and close activity
I've included little trinkets inside each container.


Color matching
This is from a Time for Tots set.  It's probably Sweet Girl's favorite little activity.

Kumon coloring book
These are fun little books and seem to hold Sweet Girl's interest for a while. 

Snowman matching


  1. Great trays! I just started them with my youngest too. So fun!
    Thanks for mentioning our Time for Tots store.

  2. Hi there! This is Jill, part of the Time for Tots creators! I am SO happy to see that your sweet girl is enjoying the color matching activity! Things like this just make our day! What an awesome mommy you are, providing so many wonderful activities!

  3. Hi Stephanie! I just started a new link party to share tray ideas. I would love for you to come and share this post! I hope to see you there!



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