Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My life in six words...

I'm embarking on Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class this year.  It's 52 weeks of encouragement, motivation and inspiration revolving around photography and Photoshop.  It's been a great learning experience so far and I'm excited to get my creativity flowing over the next year.

For this week we were to think about and write a six word memoir.  The inspiration for this is from Smith Magazine which supports a huge movement of these six word memoirs.

So here is my life right now, in six words...

my cup is full of love

I took the photo above on Sunday after my husband made me the sweetest cup of coffee.


  1. What a beautiful photo!!! Yes, the words are a perfect match. Lovely!

  2. Lovely words...lovely image!

  3. Love your photo AND your words! :) (here from beyond layers)
    Where in MD are you? I'm just outside of Westminster.

  4. Thanks all!! I'm loving the class so far!! And Becky...we are just outside of Baltimore!

  5. Great photo and love the six word memoir to go with it. Aren't you luck your husband made you a cup a coffee. No wonder your cup is full of love! Kee it full and enjoy!


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