Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Thank You Cards

I searched and searched for photo thank you cards to send out after Little Man's birthday and Christmas but I just couldn't find any that I felt like were worth what they would cost.  I mean, it's just a card with a picture...  So I decided to make some instead.  Now they aren't as fancy as the ones found at online photo stores, but they are homemade and I love that. 

Not to mention that they were super simple to make and basically free (minus the postage, obviously).

I created a 3.5x5 file in Photoshop, layered our pictures on top of the file and printed.  Then I just rounded the corners and stamped "A note of thanks" using a stamp from my collection.  (I just love rounded corners....sigh)

Super simple, super cheap and super homemade.

Easy peasy!


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