Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spooky Spider Craft

Going with the Halloween spirit, we made spooky spiders the other day.  It's amazing to watch my daughter's skills develop over time.  She is much better at painting a complete surface, has so much more fine motor skills and really does a great, precise job with the glue.

For this simple craft, we started with a paper plate, which we painted (purple, of course.  Aren't your spiders purple???).

Then I let Sweet Girl add the glue for the googly eyes.

While she was putting on the eyes, I finished cutting out the eight legs for our scary spider.

Then she glued them on.  This turned out to be pretty tricky because of the rim of the paper plate.  It might work better if you used a thicker piece of cardstock or even cardboard.

And there you have it....a VERY spooky spider.   :)

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