Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Practical Life - Washing Baby

Let me introduce you to the new favorite activity at our house.....WASHING A BABY!!  Seriously...Sweet Girl has done this a ga-zillion times this week.  We definitely have the cleanest babies on the block!! 

She's really good at undressing the baby and it's getting easier for her to put her clothes back on.  Her face is priceless when she is able to do it all by herself!!  Little. Miss. Independent!

We actually have this little baby bathtub that she got for her 2nd birthday that works perfectly, but any container or even bowl would work!! 

Try it out!!  I guarentee your little one will become addicted too!!


  1. You know what, my little C has been doing the same activity lately! they are so caring with their babies..aren't day?
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. My two little girls love this activity too.
    We picked up a doll's baby bath at a garage sale.
    It's a great outdoor activity too if you're worried about water getting inside.


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