Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Fun - Discovery Basket

So....this little guy is keeping me pretty busy these days!!  This silly man loves to roam around and gets into everything!!  He will play with a toy for a minute or two, but usually quickly loses interest and moves onto other things....usually things that are not toys.

I put together a discovery basket for Sweet Girl when she was about Little Man's age and she really loved it!  I pulled out the basket recently and added a few new things to it. 

Here's what is in our basket:
Several scraps of fabric with different textures (corduroy, burlap, cotton)
A knotted piece of rope
Empty water bottle
Wooden spoon
Two plastic spoons
Bean bag
Plastic container filled with black beans
Paper mache box
Golf ball
Small tupperware bowl

As with most babies his age, Little Man explores all things with his mouth.  I've made sure nothing is too small for his mouth and that everything is sealed very well (shakers, noise makers).

1 comment:

  1. You have such sweet little ones! I, too, do this with our 7-month-old, and it works wonderfully. I enjoy adding a couple new things to her basket each night. Thanks for all of your great ideas--I'm in the process of collecting old items from my makeup collection to use for your idea on "making" makeup!



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