Monday, June 6, 2011

Tot Trays

We're slowly getting into "summer mode" so I just threw some trays together for this week!  No particular theme in mind...these are just things that Sweet Girl really enjoys!!

Matching mini farm animals

Tonging fruit from one container to another

Teddy bear game
(Click here to see how I made our game and to get your own printable)

Pouring beans

Placing pick-up-sticks in a container
(Sweet Girl actually made this activity a little harder by placing a pony bead on top of each stick!)

Tot School


  1. Great trays!! Nesting cylinders and counting bears our favorites here. I happen to have an awesome set of mats for the bears that I had when I was teaching other peoples kids. Sadly Learning Resources doesn't make them anymore.

  2. Looks like some fun trays!

    Where did you get those tongs? I've had a hard time finding ones I like.

  3. You also have such great tray ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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