Monday, May 16, 2011

Tot Trays - Beach Part II (Traveling Style)

We are leaving tomorrow for Florida!!  Yay!!  When we went to visit my family a few weeks ago, I packed up some of our tray materials and took them with us!  They were perfect for a little learning fun!!

So...this week, I'm packing up these fun items to take with us!  They are all beach themed and are so perfect for our trip!!  ( things are only on the trays for picture purposes...I'm only taking "the goods").

Ocean flashcards
I picked these up in the dollar section of Target last year.  They are actual pictures of undersea creatures.  And they have facts about each creature on the back.  We'll look through these together and talk about all the different ocean animals!!  They are perfect for language development!!

Beach object patterning
Click here for this printable

Fish counting
I cut out three little fishbowls and labeled them with numbers and corresponding x's on both sides.  We'll use this for a simple counting activity.  I also packed some extra paper so Sweet Girl can play with the stickers as well.

Beach stamp matching
I found these super cute little beach stamps at the dollar store.  Stamping is always fun!!

Beach sticker activity book
This is just a little book that has several pages of beach related stickers, as well as a beach scene.  The stickers are great because they are removable, so we can do this several times.  We'll probably play with this one on the ride down so we can talk about all the fun things we plan to do while we are at the beach!!

Click here to see our other beach themed trays!! the pack for me and two cute kiddos!!  I have some posts saved up so you'll see me a few more times between now and the week after next!!  I should be back up and running two weeks from now!!

Tot School


  1. Great trays!! I just love the stamp matching and fish counting.

    Have fun on your trip. I'd totally be jealous except we just booked a Disney cruise so we're headed that way in Feb. Can't wait!!!

  2. I hope you have a fun trip! Your beach activities look like great travel fun!


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