Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach Crafts - Week in Review

We are getting so excited for our upcoming trip!!  Sweet Girl loved all of her beach themed activities this week, especially the ocean sensory bin!!  And to top off our week, we did some amazing beach themed crafts!  Once we got started, we just couldn't stop!  Sweet Girl kept yelling out all different things to make and we just kept creating!  Get comfy....this is a long, but fun post!!

Here's our weekly wrap-up!!

Sand starfish
I cut out a starfish shape and Sweet Girl covered it with glue.  Then she used a spoon to sprinkle sand all over our starfish.  Crafting fun and fine motor work all in one!!

Paper plate turtle
This is by far Sweet Girl's favorite craft, maybe ever!!  She loved making this turtle and we actually ended up making two other ones so this one would have some "friends".  I saw the idea here and it was super easy to make!  First, she painted the plate using our green and blue Do-A-Dot markers.  Then we added some arms, legs, a tail and a head to our turtle.  Finally, Sweet Girl added the googly eye and drew a little mouth for Mr. Turtle!!  Too cute!

Allie from NTFFC did this craft with her son last week.  It is completely mess free, but tons of fun.  We used our dot stickers and some jewels since that's what we had on hand, but you could use just about anything!Check out NTFFC for her easy tutorial.

Sand dollars
I LOVE sand dollars!  They totally take me back to my childhood where we used to walk out in the ocean and feel with our feet for them.  I was always too scared to dive down and grab them, so I always yelled for my brother to go get them.  And I completely remember the smell of the chlorine as we bleached them in the sun.  Ah....childhood memories.  Okay....anyway....these sand dollars were also very easy to make.  I just cut out round circles from some cardstock and drew some lines on them using glue.  Then Sweet Girl used a spoon to sprinkle wheat germ on them (I used wheat germ because I thought it was a good "earthy" color, but you could use just about anything...sand, cous cous, lentils, dirt).

Paper plate crab
Pretty similar to our paper plate turtle above!  Also a very easy craft!  Sweet Girl painted our paper plate and pinchers red.  Once they dried we added some pipe cleaner legs, the pinchers, googly and a mouth.  Sweet Girl is dying to catch a crab at the beach!

And here are our letter K crafts from this week:

Kite blow painting
This was way harder than I expected!  I watered down some of our paint and then Sweet Girl used a dropper to drop some paint onto the kite and the kite bows.  Then we "tried" to blow the paint across the paper using a straw.  It took quite a bit of effort to get the paint to move across the paper and I ended up doing most of the work.  It would be a great craft for an older child.  We used construction paper so maybe it would work better on cardstock or poster board or something.  I found the idea over at Making Learning Fun.

And we did this "K is for kangaroo" from Totally Tots, but blogger won't let me upload the picture for some reason.....grrr!!!
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. These are cute! I hope you link them up at my Made by Little Hands party on Monday!!!

  2. Oh my all your beach craft is adorable. One is cuter than the next!!! But DO love the sand starfish and the crab. Adorable!!!

    Thank you for stopping by Kids Get Crafty! Appreciate your visit!


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